Continental Bulk Bag Limited – We are your packaging supplier for Bulk Bags, Polyethylene Liners/Pallet Covers, Feed/Seed bags, Bulk Bins, Bulk Emptying/Filling stations & Industrial Recycling of Polypropylene Woven Bags.

Why Us? It's Simple

  • Highest quality bulk bags
  • Competitive prices (from $9-$15.5/bag)
  • Refurbished bags available for 7.50 per bag‎
  • Bulk bag servicing $7.25 per bag
  • Our bags can hold 3000 + lbs of material
  • You can reuse the bag 10-15 times
  • We warehouse your custom bulk bags
  • We deliver your bags within 24 hours

We Serve the Following Industries

  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Quarries and Line Producers
  • Fiberglass Manufacturers
  • All Industrial Applications
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • Food Manufacturers (starch, flour, etc.)
  • Agriculture Markets (fertilizer, sod, feed mills)

Set up an Independent Factory Operation

Turnkey units are available from Continental bulk bag Limited at a once-time cost (no franchise or royalties). Included with each independent operation are the following provisions

If you are looking for the highest industry standards, let’s talk!

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