At Continental BulkBag Limited, we have taken bulkbag refurbishing to a new level in terms of Environmental concerns and the Recycling process. In the past, polypropylene bulkbags have been sent to landfill after just one use. Unfortunately, this is still occurs today. However, one of our goals as a current member of the Packaging Association of Canada (PAC) and the Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO), is to strive to keep current on the latest available data regarding acceptable methods of recycling, polypropylene use & re-use (including disposal initiatives) and political issues. At CBL, we are providing an environmentally sound and cost-effective method for materials management and encourage our Customers to consider the role that Corporations play in the future condition of our environment during the decision-making process.

All of our reconditioned bulkbags have been cleaned using our unique Refurbishing Process which includes:

  • Automated Dust-Vaccuum System Application
  • Inspection and Repair (sew and patch)
  • Re-roping as required
  • Re-stenciled upon requested
  • Laundered upon reqest

Continental BulkBag Limited guarantees that our reconditioned bags will perform as well as new bags and if the bulkbags ordered do not satisfy the designated requirements, we will gladly replace or re-clean your order. We will also provide your Company with a substantial cost savings over a new bulkbag purchase.

After reconditioning, the bulkbags are baled into quanitites of 25, for ease of transport,storage and placement in inventory. Continental BulkBag has Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all of the contents previously used within the refurbished bags, assisting in the decision regarding reuse and complimentary materials.

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