Set up an Independent Factory Operation

Turnkey units are available from Continental bulk bag Limited at a once-time cost (no franchise or royalties). Included with each independent operation are the following provisions:

  • CBL engineered dust collections and cleaning equipment
  • Baler
  • Metal Racking
  • Lift Truck
  • Computer Network (3 computers, printer and software)

*Equipment consists of re-manufactured heavy-duty commercial quality components for industrial use.

The CBL team directly assists in all startup operations by way of identifying potential customer bases within the designated marketing areas of the new operation and assists in training the appropriate personnel.

CBL headquarters also makes available to the newly formed entity access to its’ inventory resources complete with the ability to supply new product and sourcing for FIBCs (bulk bags) that require refurbishing. Constant communications during regular business hours are at the disposal of the new entity ensuring them of immediate startup success.

Incorporation of FIBC (bulk bag) Business

A CBL operation is ideally situated in a commercial/industrial environment that requires no more than 5,000-6,000 sq. ft. of basic low-cost factory overhead.

The CBL designed recovery cleaning and refurbishing system requires no special investment set up costs and is usually isolated as a clean room for managing the recovery processes. Warehousing is typically segregated between new bulk bag and refurbished bulk bag.

Typically, CBL operations covers a market area of approximately 300 miles in radius making it extremely manageable for customer servicing and maintaining low costs of product to the end user.

Option1: Standalone branch operation of bulk bags

Typically a CBL new venture operation requires no greater than 2-3 full time employees and perhaps 2 or 3 part-time employees (dependent on volume) with a one-time startup fee for which CBL will provide all that is required for a complete turnkey business.

There are no continuing ongoing fees payable to CBL. A CBL new venture operation can generate enough sales to allow the investor to receive a full return on investment within a 2-3 year period.

Option 2: Integrated Recycling into Existing Manufacturing Operation

Users of large quantities of bulk bags such a raw material manufactures may wish to incorporate our recovery systems into their existing operations to maximize the reuse potential of their flexible packaging.

This would dramatically reduce material handling costs and compliment a corporate recycling strategy. A per unit turnkey cost would provide a CBL automated dry-cleaning recovery system, training and supply-side purchase opportunities.

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